It is increasingly important for companies to be aware that they are an integral part of the world and not consumers of the world. The recognition that natural resources are finite and that we depend on them to survive is fundamental to sustainable development. 

Keeping that in mind, Indústria Bandeirante is constantly seeking solutions and improvements in its sustainability routine. We make changes in processes and thus reduce the impact on the environment. In 2019, we implemented the environmental management system in pursuit of ISO 14001/2015 certification.

For the implementation, a set of actions was necessary to build a solid and efficient system. Here are some improvements already applied in our routine:

  • Selective garbage collection and forwarding of recyclable materials to a cooperative, where they are separated by type (plastics, paper, metal and glass) and made available for recycling;
  • All employees of the company are encouraged to avoid the use of disposable cups through campaigns that encourage the use of long-life bottles;

  • The amount of A4 paper used in prints decreased considerably after adjustments in internal processes that dispense physical documents. Today, print monitoring is performed by our Information Technology department;

  • Through our Good Practices Manual and internal training, we educate and encourage all employees to understand the importance of reducing consumption and correct waste disposal;

  • Our new unit opened in January 2019 already has a modern system of equipment and lighting, where the reduction in energy consumption exceeds 20%. New compressors, state-of-the-art blowing machines and LED lighting are some of the improvements implemented in this new plant, which have enabled this economy;

  • Water saving is also part of our daily lives. Our cooling towers have been replaced by a closed dry cooler (Puff/PET). All our faucets have an automatic closure system and our employees receive water awareness training regularly.