Indústria Bandeirante supports the Pimp My Carroça Project and created a product line with the same name. The ‘Pimp’ is composed of the Leaves Collection and the Tucano Collection and part of the value of each sold pot is destined to the Project. The products are inspired by urban art to bring color, joy and modernity to everyday life. The prints were created by Brazilian visual artists Mari (@maripavanelli) and Fabiano (@fabiano_apce).

The Pimp My Carroça Project carries out actions to help waste pickers, such as health and wellness services, performed by doctors, psychologists, masseurs, hairdressers, and veterinarians who take care of pets. Those actions provide more visibility and increase their self-esteem. In addition, it reforms these recycling professionals’ wagons, which are graffitied by urban artists.

By supporting the Project with the sale of the products of this Line, we help reforming the waste pickers’ wagons and contribute to the continuity of their work. Thus, they can collect – important stage of recycling – various materials, including plastic. Recycling is fundamental for the development of the city, for the sustainability of the environment and for the promotion of the circular economy.