For 75 years adding value to the production of plastic packaging.

We believe that our base is what transforms each of our actions and adds true values to our purposes. Therefore, respect, innovation and commitment underpin our essence and our business.

It all started on September 19, 1945, with Mr. Paulo Archina and his children, in the city of São Paulo. Nowadays, present throughout Brazil, Indústria Bandeirante has its values established by the history of a family, now in its 4th generation, which works for the relevance and meaning of a project.

More than just plastic packaging, we produce quality, safety and excellence for the Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetics Industries, in addition to our main focus: the Housewares Line, in the wholesale segment. Currently, our production is concentrated on the transformation of PET, PET G, PS and PP plastic resins.

Adding value and providing visibility to our customers, through personalized service, competitive prices and consolidated partnerships is what brings meaning to the history of Indústria Bandeirante!


Producing our product lines with high quality, combining efficiency and innovation, in order to meet all our customers’ needs.


Increasingly expanding the Bandeirante brand, adding value and providing visibility to our products.


Products with quality and technology
We are pioneers in innovation, always looking for the best quality in our products.

Customer satisfaction
Fulfilling all the expectations of our customers is one of our main goals, delivering a product of the highest quality and adding value to the final product.

Valuing people
At Bandeirante, just as we value our roots, we value our employees, customers and friends, who are the basis for everything we have achieved so far.

Social responsibility
Build a more just society for everyone.

Respect for the environment
Caring for and valuing the world we have today is building our future, our tomorrow.