All products in our lines are biodegradable. They remain the same. They have the same shape, quality and resistance as usual, but now they are biodegradable.

Indústria Bandeirante is concerned with its responsibility to the environment, innovating and constantly investing in improvements. With this environmental concern, we developed our biodegradable and 100% recyclable line.


The Go Green P-Life additive is composed of fatty acids derived from palm oil, rare lands and lubricant. GO Green P-Life is the first and only biodegradant in the world that meets the ASTM d6954-4 standard in its entirety with an International Certificate.

How does it work?

PET and PP containers are the same as traditional containers. But, during the production process, the biodegradable additive GO Green P-Life is added. With this additive the containers become completely biodegradable, causing them to transform into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, when discarded in the environment. The decomposition time of biodegradable containers is much shorter than traditional containers. Biodegradable degradation starts in 5 years and total degradation occurs in 7 years.

The additives used in the products are approved for its use in contact with food and do not need a special place for storage.

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